List of Chemicals

Updated on: 10 March 2022

By: Harshita

Chemicals on open shelf

S.No.Name of ChemicalsAmountQuantitySource CompanyNotes
1Agar 500 g1Sigma 
2Agarose I500 g1Thermo Scientific
3Agarose RA™500 g2VWR® Life Science
4Bacto Malt Agar (Dehydrated)454 g1DIFCO Laboratories
5Boric Acid 1 kg2Sigma 
6Boric Acid 1 kg1Fisher BioReagents
7Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTAB)100 g1MP Biomedicals
8Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTAB)500 g2MP Biomedicals
9Chloramphenicol100 g1Fisher BioReagents
10Dimethyl Sulfoxide950 mL 1Thermo Scientific
11EDTA disodium salt dihydrate 500 g1SAFC® Sigma Aldrich
12EDTA disodium salt dihydrate 1 kg1Sigma
13Malt Extract Agar500 g1Sigma Aldrich
14Potato Dextrose Agar500 g6SigmaNEW
15Potato Dextrose Agar500 g2Remel™ Thermo Scientific
16Potato Dextrose Broth500 g6DIFCO Laboratories
17Sodium Chloride500 g1SigmaNEW
18Talc500 g1Fisher BioReagents
19Tris Base500 g1Fisher BioReagents
20Tris Base1 kg1SigmaNEW
21Tween®20500 mL 1Thermo Scientific

Chemicals in 4°C

S.No.Name of ChemicalsAmountQuantitySource CompanyNotes
1Isoamyl alcohol1VWR® Life ScienceNEW
2Phenol:Chloroform400 mL 1VWR® Life Science
3Phenol:Chloroform:Isoamyl alcohol500 mL 1Sigma Aldrich
4RNase A10 mL1PureLink/ Fisher BioReagentsNEW

Chemicals in Yellow Fumehood Closet

S.No.Name of ChemicalsAmountQuantitySource CompanyNotes
12-mercaptoethanol100 mL1VWR® Life ScienceNEW
2Chloroform4 L 1MACRON Fine Chemicals
3Chloroform500 mL 1Fisher BioReagents

Corrosive Chemicals

S.No.Name of ChemicalsAmountQuantitySource CompanyNotes
1Ethidium Bromide10 mL 6Thermo Scientific
2RiboZol™ RNA Extraction Reagent200 mL 2VWR® Life Science
3Sodium Hypochlorite Solution1 L1Fisher BioReagentsExpired on 06/2020

An editable Excel sheet of the list of chemicals is here: